Kindness, Consideration & Naked U


When it comes to dating and relationship tips for men, sometimes it can seem like you have heard it all before. Look good, dress to impress, be confident without being arrogant, etc

But in this article, we provide you with a different take on what we think is an effective strategy for you to be able to go on another date with the girl of your dreams or to take your current relationship to the next level.

Kindness and consideration & Gabrielle Moore’s Naked U. Yes. You probably did not see that one coming. But the truth is that these three things are going to more to improve your success with women then just about anything else that you could think of. Let’s start with kindness and consideration, and then get to Naked U in just a second.

Kindness and consideration: these are two extremely undervalued qualities in the world of dating and in the world of relationships in general. And these are two things that that women desperately seek out, whether they know it or not. While feminism may be on the rise, believe us when we tell you that most women would appreciate being treated like a lady, by a gentle, kind man who isn’t trying to be all “alpha” all the time or do any of that childish PUA nonsense.

What does it mean to be kind and considerate? It means opening doors, pulling out chairs, taking it easy on the swearing, and offering to carry heavy bags, etc. With regard to kindness, treat the people around you with love and respect. For extra measure, don’t just do it when the woman you are trying to impress is around and the habit should stick.

Sound easy enough? Well let’s talk about Naked U, this is the new program from sex expert Gabrielle Moore that teaches you how to pleasure a lady in the bedroom. Of course this is somewhat of a racy subject, we’ll admit it. but it is also something that will set you apart from every other man who she has dated and something that will get her to see you as a real stud who she wants to keep around for the long term. A full review of the Naked U program is available on the PUA Books website.